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About Me (she/her)

I am an experienced professional creative writer with over a decade of experience in journalism, broadcast communications, and script writing. I have also worked extensively in corporate communication roles, crafting sensitive content around issues such as diversity and inclusion.

In this capacity I have written on behalf of high-level executives for a global audience. My experience in journalism has taught me to craft compelling stories, while my extensive background in corporate communication has given me the ability to write content that is both sensitive and accurate.

Additionally, I have developed strong relationships with executives at all levels of organizations and understand how to create content that resonates with a wide variety of readers. Finally, I have the skills to craft scripts and stories for broadcast media, which can be a valuable asset when creating content that is both captivating and engaging. In short, I am a highly experienced creative writer who has developed an array of skills suited for writing compelling content for any audience. This unique combination of skills and experiences makes me an ideal candidate for any creative writing opportunity.

Relevant Work Experience

As a Senior Communications Strategist, I collaborated closely with multiple teams to create and develop comprehensive communications plans. Additionally, Develop and created communications using a multi-channel approach for all Belonging, Diversity, and Equity programs and initiatives. This includes drafting emails for C-Suite Executives, company announcements and more.

Sr. Communications strategist, 2021-2023


I developed content for websites, flyers and other forms of promotional material according to specific objectives set by my clients.

Creative Writer, 2013-Present


Responsible for editing, writing and managing all BUILD Employee Resource Group communications including creating content for the website, newsletter and emails.

Marketing & Communications Workstream Lead, 2019-2022

-UKG- BUILD Employee resource Group


I specialized in creating compelling content for web commercials, internal corporate videos, and radio spots. I have excellent writing skills, along with developing scripts for various client video needs

Script writer, 2013-Present

Education, Certification, Awards, & Others Projects

Communication Arts with an emphasis on Production Broadcasting

I gained valuable knowledge and experience in television, radio, film production and editing, advertising, public relations, and script writing.

Georgia Southern university

Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Creative writing, Broadcast Journalism, Script Writing Certifications

I have obtained numerous certifications in communications through specialized courses and workshops in copy writing, broadcast journalism, and script writing.

DE&I Certificate Course for Communicators

Ragan Communications, 2022

I learned key steps and processes necessary to ensure consistency and adherence to established Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) standards for communication professionals. Essential topics included busting myths and misconceptions about DE&I, uncovering an organization’s deeper DE&I purpose, understanding a communicator’s role in empowering DE&I across the organization, collaborating with HR and other departments while knowing when to take the lead, advanced allyship and accompliceship skills for communicators, as well as first steps into inclusive language and visual representation.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committment Award- Finalist

Ragan Communications, 2023

I was recognized for my achievements creating internal corporate communications aimed at creating a culture centered around DEI&B.

Short COURSEs on writing Marketing Copy, SEO Optimization and intro to UX Writing

LinkedIn Learning

I learned how to write clear, concise copy that is tailored to different platforms and audiences. Additionally, I gained a better understanding of best practices for writing effective user experiences (UX) and marketing copy, such as following established processes and methodologies, as well as identifying and collecting key metrics to measure communication program effectiveness.

Skills & Proficiencies

soft skills


My expertise lies in crafting compelling stories and narratives that capture the imagination of targeted audiences.


my excellent written and verbal communication skills allow me to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders at all levels.


I am highly proficient in managing complex projects, meeting tight deadlines and ensuring consistency and adherence to established processes and standard methodologies.

Technical skills

UX Writing

My experience in UX writing is rooted in developing content that meets the needs of the user and reflects the brand's tone of voice. I am adept at understanding audience goals, crafting compelling copy, and ensuring consistency.

Research & Analytics

My process includes performing in-depth analyses of competitors communications programs to uncover insights, designing data-driven strategies to enhance the effectiveness of our own programs, and developing processes to ensure consistency and adherence to established standards.

SEO Optimization

I have a basic understanding of SEO optimization, including how to create search engine-friendly websites, optimize content for better visibility in SERPs, and track key metrics to measure the effectiveness of communication programs.

Selected Works

Additional examples are available upon request

Person Using Laptop

UKG Expands Recruiting Efforts to Attract Top, Diverse Talent

UKG Expands Recruiting Efforts to Attract Top, Diverse Talent

UKG Blog Article

UKG Blog Article

Curtis J Web Redesign

Curtis J Web Redesign

Copywriting and Brand Marketing

Copywriting and Brand Marketing

UKG Stories With Purpose

UKG Stories With Purpose

Content writing for all the storeis in the Create, Enrich and Uplift Categories

Content writing for all the storeis in the Create, Enrich and Uplift Categories

In depth with Brian Reaves Corporate Video

In depth with Brian Reaves Corporate Video

Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Editing, Voice Over, Interviewer

Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Editing, Voice Over, Interviewer

Film Making Clapperboard

Barelastics Web Commercial

Barelastics Web Commercial

Script writing, Voice Over, Actress

Script writing, Voice Over, Actress

Short Film

Short Film

Creator, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Editing, Voice Over

Creator, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Editing, Voice Over

Client Testimonials

I can highly recommend Elena Norde for any writing or communications project you might have.

She worked on rebranding my website and provided all new content and creative direction, as well as a full communications plan and marketing strategy.

She was an exceptional writer who made sure that everything was consistent with established processes and standard methodologies. Key metrics were identified and collected to measure the effectiveness of the communication program, which has resulted in increased public speaking opportunities and website traffic from promotional emails and online ads. I am very pleased with her work and highly recommend her services!

Curtis J Williams

Public Speaker/Wealth Advisor

Elena was absolutely exceptional in her work. She consistently went above and beyond what was expected of her, and her work truly exceeded my expectations.

Her attention to detail was impeccable, and she showed a high level of determination.

Not only was she a pleasure to work with, but she also displayed excellent communication skills, keeping everyone involved in the project informed and up to date on progress and next steps. Her positive attitude and willingness to help out wherever needed made her an invaluable asset.

Overall, I can confidently say that Elena delivered an outstanding performance and demonstrated a level of professionalism and dedication that is truly rare these days. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for someone who can consistently deliver exceptional results.

Dr. Kim Lo

Doctor of Social Work

It has been a privilege and an honor to work alongside Elena co-leading the BUILD ERG and delivery of DEI&B Communications.

Elena's leadership to the BUILD ERG was essential in creating a successful ERG with a strategic business operations model that produce impactful results in increasing employee engagement, retention, promotions, professional development, advocacy and service to the community. She demonstrated servant and democratic leadership while scaling programs and initiatives for a group of 1,200 members. In addition to strong leadership skills,

Elena is also an outstanding writer who has been instrumental in leading the marketing communications workstream for The Build Erg. She has proven her ability to deliver consistent, high-quality content that meets deadlines, adheres to established standards, and achieves impressive results.

Kristin Bell

Senior Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager

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